CoAxe Aircraft Engine


The CoAxe Engine is an Internationally patented design (US Patent - 8,863,643 B2) representing a new approach to aviation and marine propulsion:

  • Perfect balance by design - including drive torque moments
  • 16% - 20% increase in propulsive efficiency - from contra-rotating props
  • Multiple fuels including Jet A - leaded AVGAS being phased out
  • Ultra low vibration - all opposing forces equal and opposite
  • Reduced weight, increased payload - no transmission required for coaxial drive
  • Competitive pricing - reduced moving parts and cost-effective manufacture
  • Improved fuel economy - opposed piston designs historically efficient
  • Reduced fire hazard - exhaust manifold 350 degrees C cooler
  • No electromagnetic interference - single throttle Diesel operation
  • Reduced noise - a result of opposed piston tangential porting

This unique engine concept is in several aspects superior to conventional piston engine configurations and bears a high potential for engine applications where compact design, high efficiency, good emission levels and smoothness in engine run are essential and production cost is not the major decision criteria. Although the development challenges in terms of mechanical durability and manufacturability are significant, I am convinced that modern tools to support engine development and advances in manufacturing technology will make these development challenges surpassable. Therefore I fully support CoAxe Engine Company in their pursuit to realise this remarkable engine and wish them all the luck and success on their way.

Yours faithfully,

Olaf Hiller 
Head of Engine Design 

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