CoAxe Aircraft Engine


The CoAxe Engine is an Internationally patented design (US Patent No.: 8,863,643 B2) with specific advantages:

  • Perfect balance by design (including drive torque moments)
  • Up to 16% increase in propulsive efficiency (contra-rotating props)
  • Multiple fuels including Jet A (leaded AVGAS being phased out)
  • Ultra low vibration (all opposing forces equal and opposite)
  • Reduced weight, increased payload (no transmission for coaxial drive necessary)
  • Competitive pricing (reduced moving parts, cost-effective manufacture)
  • Improved fuel economy (opposed piston Diesels historically highly efficient)
  • Greatly reduced fire hazard (exhaust manifold 350 degrees C cooler)
  • No electromagnetic interference (single throttle Diesel operation)
  • Low noise level (a result of opposed piston porting)
A new approach to aviation, marine, submarine propulsion and power generation:

"The concept of a coaxial engine is intriguing as well as elusive to some of the most respected engine designers in history; seeing you overcome the pitfalls that eluded others before you is truly an inspiration and bodes well for the future of cost effective, high performance propulsion systems."

Brian Weathers
Director of Operations
NBU Aviation, LLC, USA